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World Silver Dollars
All About the World's Most Collectible Silver Coins

Modern Silver Dollars
Since 1986, the U.S. Mint has issued American Eagle Silver Dollars as the only official United States silver bullion coins designed for those investing in silver. Other major countries also issue modern era silver coins that technically are not silver dollars, that's because their denominations do not exactly equal a U.S. dollar in face value. Most of us think of them as silver dollars anyway.

Guaranteed Silver Content of One Troy Ounce World Silver Dollars
What world silver dollars have in common is their intrinsic silver content of one troy ounce of pure silver. Some are minted of 90% fine silver while others are struck in 99.99% fine silver. Yet both contain, by law, exactly the same total amount of pure silver. Countries like the U.S. make a slightly larger coin that also has a 10% copper alloy for additional hardness.

Some of our favorites include:

Canadian Silver Maple Leafs
China Silver Pandas with annual design changes
Austrian Philharmonics
Australian Kookaburras with annual design changes
Australian Koalas with annual design changes

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